Egg Rolls (2) 3.00
Vegetarian Spring Rolls (4) 4.00
Pot Stickers (8) 6.50
Scallion Cake 5.50
Beef on Stick (2) 3.25
Chicken on Stick (2) 2.95
Crab Rangoon (4) 3.50
Hot and Spicy Chicken Dumpling 6.00
Shrimp Toast (4) 5.00
Vegetarian Tofu 8.00
Chicken Lettuce Wrap 7.25
Combination Appetizer (Per Person) 5.50
Egg roll, crab Rangoon, shrimp toast and beef on stick
Fried Wonton (6) 2.50
Vegetarian Steamed Dumpling 6.00
Thai Tofu Lettuce Wrap 7.25
Hot and Sour Soup (sm) 2.25  (lg) 3.50
Wonton Soup (sm) 2.25  (lg) 3.50
Vegetable Corn Soup (2) 4.50
Seafood Vegetable Soup (2) 5.50
Chicken Noodle Soup (sm) 2.25  (lg) 3.50
Egg Drop Soup (sm) 2.25  (lg) 3.50
Vegetable Hot and Sour Soup (with Eggs) 4.00
Vegetable Soup 4.00
Chicken Vegetable Soup 4.50
Shrimp with Broccoli 13.50
Shrimp with Garlic Sauce 14.00
Shrimp with Vegetable 14.00
Sweet and Sour Shrimp 14.00
Kung Pao Shrimp 16.00
Whole shrimp stir-fried with green peppers, carrots, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and peanuts in a spicy hot sauce
Shrimp Lobster Sauce 16.50
Cashew Shrimp 15.95
Shrimp with Snow Pea Pods 14.00
Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce 15.00
Chili Shrimp 15.95
Hunan Shrimp 16.00
Thai Honey Shrimp 16.00
Thai Shrimp Basil 16.00
Shrimp Cauliflower 14.00
Hunan Beef 15.00
Sliced beef, green peppers, baby corn, carrots, bamboo shoots with spicy Hunan sauce
Pepper Steak 14.00
Beef with Broccoli 13.50
Beef with Vegetable 13.50
Mu Shu Beef 13.50
Stir-fried beef with eggs, cabbage, onions, mushroom and bamboo served with plum sauce wrapped in a Chinese pancake
Kung Pao Beef 16.00
Sliced beef with green peppers, carrots, bamboo shoots, peanuts, chattered hot red dry peppers and garlic with spicy sauce
Beef with Snow Pea Pods 14.00
Mongolian Beef 16.50
Beijing Beef 15.00
Sesame Beef 15.50
Homestyle Beef 16.00
Beef Cauliflower 13.00
Thai Beef Basil 13.00
Curry Beef 14.00
Curry Chicken 12.00
Curry Fish 15.00
Curry Shrimp 15.00
Curry Tofu with Vegetables 11.00
Curry Vegetables 10.00
Chicken with Vegetable 11.00
Empress Chicken 11.00
Battered strips of chicken breast sautéed with carrot, broccoli, baby corn and bamboo shoots
Chicken with Garlic Sauce 11.50
Stir-fried chicken breast with napa, green peppers, bamboo shoots and carrot served with spicy garlic sauce
Chicken with Broccoli 11.00
Orange Chicken 12.50
Chili Chicken 12.00
Diced chicken, chattered hot dry red pepper and garlic served with chef’s special own sauce
Sweet and Sour Chicken 11.00
Mu Shu Chicken 11.00
Chicken stir-fried with eggs, cabbage, onions, mushroom, bamboo and served with plum sauce wrapped in a Chinese pancake
Sesame Chicken 12.50
Kung Pao Chicken 12.00
Green peppers, carrot, bamboo shoots, peanuts, chattered hot dry red peppers and garlic with spicy sauce
Chicken with Snow Pea Pods 11.50
Cashew Chicken 12.00
Mongolian Chicken 14.00
Hunan Chicken 12.00
Pineapple Chicken 12.00
Diced chicken, bamboo shoots, green peppers, baby corn, carrot with spicy chili sauce
Beijing Crispy Duck 14.50
Thai Honey Chicken 14.00
Manchurian Chicken 13.00
Chicken Cauliflower 12.00
Thai Chicken Basil 11.00
Thai Spicy Chicken 15.00
Pork with Vegetable 10.00
Twice Cooked Pork 11.00
Sliced pork, napa, green peppers, bamboo and onion sautéed with spicy brown sauce
Mu Shu Pork 11.00
Chinese pancakes filled with stir-fried pork, eggs, cabbage, onions, mushrooms, bamboo and plum sauce
Sweet and Sour Pork 11.00
Pork with Garlic Sauce 12.00
Shredded pork sautéed with shredded green peppers, bamboo strips and mushrooms served with a hot spicy garlic sauce
 Kung Pao Pork 12.00
Pork w. Broccoli 10.00
Hunan Mixed Vegetable 10.00
Eggplant with Garlic Sauce 10.00
Sichuan String Beans 11.00
Broccoli with Garlic Sauce 10.00
Kung Pao Tofu 10.50
Sichuan Cauliflower 10.50
Tofu with Chinese Broccoli 10.50
Bean Curd Home-Style 10.50
Stir-fried with napa, carrots, mushrooms and water chestnuts served with brown sauce
Manchurian Vegetable 12.00
Manchurian Cauliflower 12.00
Thai Tofu Basil 11.00
Thai Lemon Tofu 12.00
Vegetable Lo Mein 8.00
Pork Lo Mein 8.00
Chicken Lo Mein 8.00
Beef Lo Mein 9.00
Shrimp Lo Mein 9.00
Combination Lo Mein 11.00
Shrimp, chicken, beef, bean sprouts and onions
Beijing Pan Fried Noodles 11.00
Chicken Singapore Noodles 11.00
Noodles pan-fried with shrimp, chicken, beef, bean sprouts and onion
Vietnamese Shrimp Mei Fun 11.00
Beef Rice Noodles 11.00
Pad Thai (chicken)11.00 (shrimp)12.00 (tofu) 11.50
Stir-fried with bean sprouts, egg, green onions and crushed peanuts
Choice of : Chicken, Shrimp, or Tofu
House Special Pan Fried Noodle 11.00
Seafood Noodle Soup 10.50
Vegetable Fried Rice 8.00
Pork Fried Rice 8.00
Chicken Fried Rice 8.00
Beef Fried Rice 9.00
Shrimp Fried Rice 9.00
Combination Fried Rice 11.00
Shrimp, chicken, beef, bean sprouts, onions and eggs
C001 Peking Duck 15.50
Served mandarin pancakes with shredded scallions and plum sauce
C002 Orange Beef 16.00
C003 Triple Delight 16.00
Shrimp, chicken, beef, chattered hot red dry peppers, garlic with spicy brown sauce
C004 Beijing Shrimp 16.00
C005 Beijing Tofu 12.00
C006 Lemon Chicken 12.00
Battered chicken breast pieces with a delightful lemon flavored sauce
C007 Mongolian Triple 16.00
C008 Walnut Shrimp 16.50
C009 Sesame Scallops 18.00
C010 Governors Chicken 12.50
C011 Steamed Fish Fillet 18.00
C012 Dragon and Phoenix 17.00
Shrimp and chicken breast with chef’s special own sauce
C013 Sizzling Beef 15.00
C014 Triple Seafood with Vegetables 15.50
C015 Kung Pao Fish & Shrimp 15.50
C016 Beijing Fish 16.00
Items marked in red indicates Hot & Spicy
Fried Banana 2.50
Fried Banana w. Ice Cream 4.50
Vanilla Ice Cream 2.50
Mandarin Ice Cream 3.00
Almond Cookies (4) 1.00
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter 4.95


Soft Drinks
Tropical Drinks
Maiden Tea

We’ve carefully chosen Maiden Tea for its superior flavor and aroma. Made in Jingmai Mangjing and carefully picked from ancient tea trees, it exhibits a well-balanced, smooth flavor that is rich and sweet in its finish. It goes well with spicy or oily food.

There are three flavors to choose from :
Jasmine, Green and Oolong Tea

Chinese Tea drinking Customs :
Chinese pronunciation for tea is “cha”

To show respect: younger generation greets elder generation with a cup of tea. That is a way to show their respect

Apology: When we have a serious apology to make and words are not enough, we “pour tea and apologize.” That is an act of regretfulness and submissiveness

Saying “Thanks For Tea”: After someone pours a cup of tea for someone else, you see the person knocking his bended index and middle fingers (or similar varieties of finger tapping) on the table. This is still used today!